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Working in partnership with other health professionals assist in meeting individual care needs. We have to liaise health professionals to maintain and promote good quality. An individual may have reduced mobility where it is difficult to be independent in this case we will then have to refer for support from the occupational therapist. Support needed in different ways depending on the individual .Still needs to have the same rights choices, dignity and respect, valued, independence, privacy and confidence and also emotional empathy. Care planning should be done starting with an assessment which is being done with the individual basic needs.

Others professionals may be able to provide useful information to support me in my work and I may be able to provide useful information to support them being part of the resident’s lives. This is called good partnership working.

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St. Mary’s Convent & Nursing Home work with a multidisciplinary team. Multidisciplinary teams consist of staff from several different professional backgrounds that have different areas of expertise. These teams are able to respond to clients who require the help of more than one kind of professional. Multidisciplinary teams are often discussed in the same context as joint working, interagency work and partnership working. For example, a dietician might advise the resident about their weight and help them agree a plan for their meals and snacks, taking into account any preferences or special dietary needs. As the unit manager I see the resident most regularly, I could encourage them to keep to the diet and support them to report back how the diet is working or if it needs to be changed. If the resident was not eating or unwell as a result I would arrange for the diet to be reviewed quickly.

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