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Women voting was a major stepping stone for women’s suffrage in America. It proved not only to America but to the world that women are categorized as house maids but normal human beings just like me and you. There was a line from the movie “The Sandlot” where one of the kids Said that a player from from the opposite baseball team played baseball like a girl. In the movie the opposite player was offended as if girls can’t play baseball and it was a huge deal. But in all reality is it really big deal? Where female college softball players pitch softballs upwards of 80 mph. I have play 12 years of baseball I can’t hit a softball traveling that fast.
But it is stigmas like that where we forget or neglect all that women have done for this country and for themselves. We forget the battle they fought for 10s of decades just to achieve the right to vote. We need to appreciate all that women do for us as mothers, sisters, aunts and lovers instead of just stay in ours way where women are inferior to men.

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