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Truong Nguyen
Professor Gallamore
Humanities 2143-MR01S
13 April 2017
Unit 2 Assessment
Option B 3
Pyramus and Thisbe were a couple of young Babylonians in love. But unluckily, their families have hated each other. The young lovers wanted to be together so badly and so they decided to run away together ignoring the demands of their parents. As they were running away, Thisbe make it to the place a head of Pyramus and she say to herself “I just can’t wait to be Pyramus’s wife. I sure hope nothing horrible happens to keep us apart…” (249-250). Just then the lioness appears with all the bloody on its face, Thisbe’s start to run and left a scarf behind.

As soon Pyramus arrived at the place they supposed to meet, he saw Thisbe’s scarf full of blood. Pyramus cannot accept the consequence and have stab himself in the heart with his sword. By the time Thisbe comes back, Pyramus has almost bleed to death, the last thing Pyramus see before he gone away is the beautiful face of Thisbe. Thisbe cannot accept what had happened and stab herself with Pyramus’s sword.

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The myth of Pyramus and Thisbe is a tragic story, but is has important lesson from which we must learn. We must see their error and make a better decision so we do not fall into the same ending. Learning from their mistake we can be better person and take better decision that will not give us bad consequences.Work Cite
Rosenberg, Donna. Pyramus and Thisbe. McGraw Hill/Glencoe, 2006.

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