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To demonstrate what happens when Hooke’s Law is applied, we used a set of Hooke’s Law apparatus, set of weights, 4N/m and 8N/m spring, and mass hanger. 4N/m spring used first in part A of the experiment, then a 10g weight was added. Measuring the change of displacement of spring and the weight of the hanging mass for the first trial, we got 0.018m. The force constant of the spring was then computed using equation (1). Repeating the procedures for three more times, but in each trial 10g was added, we got the average force constant which is 5.4779 N/m. The value of the slope of the line, 5.2722 N/m, was determined by using equation (2), then comparing it to the experimental value, we got a 3.8272% dfference.

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