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This paper explores generosity on results from research on the signing of the treaty conducted by certain explorer Orange, Durie and Judith in honor of other’s. These explorer, however, vary in definitions the controversy of signing (treaty) and how the significance of this social forces had swap/changed over time and therefore other chiefs define it differently so offer different results. This paper examines and focus on one part wave of Europeans in relation to two other waves to suggest Colonialism and inheriting cultural identity of an IWI (tribe) and HAPU (sub-tribe) in order to fully understand why Aotearoa is affirm a multi-cultural country and it links to shaping New Zealand at time.
Keywords: tribe, sub-tribe
The Treaty of Waitangi:
Numerous studies explain on various facets of Treaty of Waitangi, strictly focused on colonialism, level of fairness, beliefs, trade, differences of chiefs, and the morality of decaying Maori treasure and inheritance. However, results are suggested within this research in terms of only certain aspects they agreed to. For example, Maori owns land only. The signings of the treaty concern migrators do have the right while others (chiefs) suggest the opposite. To understand there is a standard in order for the treaty to be recognized and publicity is to get the hand-written (signing) of certain chiefs.

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