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This dimension describes how each society should maintain some links with its past, dealing with the challenges of the present and the future, and societies – priorities for these two existential goals in different ways. Normative societies. who value a low value in this dimension, for example, prefer to adhere to respected traditions and norms when viewing social changes with suspicion. On the other hand, those who are praised have a more pragmatic approach: they encourage thrift and effort in modern education as a way of preparing for the future. In this dimension, China has 87, which means that this is a very pragmatic culture. In societies with a pragmatic orientation, people believe that the truth depends largely on the situation, context and time. They demonstrate the ability to easily adapt traditions to changed conditions, a strong propensity for saving and investing, thrift and perseverance in achieving results. In Mongolia, 41scores means a short-term oriented culture, which means that immediate concern often occurs here and now. Planning for the distant future, as a rule, is not so important, unlike its neighbors, Russia and China, where highly valued especially long-term financial planning and provision to family members. This suggests that their people look at life and participation in transactions from a short-term perspective.

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