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This brought an extreme destruction and devastation to the world with the largest number of dead casualties around the world, not to say that any previous wars did not cause any damage , but these two wars did, on a completely different scale. Also, if we compare the cost between the two world wars, the price difference is magnificent as it is estimated that the cost for the first world war is 367 billion whereas the second world war costs approximately 432 billion.

These two wars had a lot in common but also were very different from one another.
World war II finishes this trend by bombing and killing any member of a nation/normal citizen as they believed life did not matter as much. Trench warfare was dominant in the First World War, but bombing and sudden aerial attacks, with highly mobile armies took supremacy in the second world war. This war (II) had men and women shaking in terror as they remember the consequences of the first which had them entering the second world war with better appreciation and determination of what destruction this could bring. The technology of warfare had improved beyond the imagination of people, bringing in weapons which could initially kill enormous masses of men in a short period of time. Warfare methods had been changed in regards of weaponry. During world war I, soldiers would be forced to fight from lines of trenches and would use artillery, machine guns,early airplanes by using suicide bomber, mortars (can fire up to 22-three inch shells per minute and poisonous gases such as chlorine gas which is used to attacked the eyes and respiratory system and mustard gas did the same but also caused blistering on any exposed skin. There was little mobility during that time period. On the contrary, WWII fought using nuclear power and missiles where many special operations were put into affect. An example of a special operations would be Operation Foxley, where the British military planned to assisinate Adolf Hitler. In addition,

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