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The way that HR planning process facilitate the achievement of an organizations strategic objectives is thru recruiting highly driven and trained employees. Human resources are also responsible for finances and ensuring that the staffs can balance between their aspirations for the company. HR expedites employees to gain opportunity growth for the company confirming that the business will prospers. The strategic objectives are to design an organized structure technique that will contract different employee to the group that they are trained to work in.
If I was CEO of a company the way I would utilize Human Resources as a foundation for making strategic decision is by using the HR statistics in which they usually have handy in heightening their human capital. HR already have the knowledge of the company viewpoint and can build personnel that can help meet business goals. As a CEO by getting insight information about the organizations skills scarcities and how to fix them can all be provided by HR.
I have seen Human Resources work effectively or ineffectively impact strategic decisions in a workplace. In ways such as how HR department have rise human-capital productivity. Because HR have more knowledge in the workforce I seen them able to cut costs, downsize employees and rearrange the capital. I also seen HR analyzing the skill set on the recruitment process, knowing how to decide on a certain skill set for qualified job position to occupy.

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