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The source is a photo of a newspaper article the main headline for the Brown Daily Herald a student Newspaper at Brown University The source was created on May the 12th 1961, The source was originally produced by Holbrooke the editor-and cheif of The Brown Daily Herald at the time. The source was originally made by the Brown daily Herald located in Providence Rhode Island and the second oldest newspaper among america’s colleges.The source was made to recognise the speech Malcom x delivered to defend his views in response to a student written article on the Nation of islam and his opinions against the article. Forceful and adjacent language was used to support his opinions of black power and integrated aggression.The source is targeted towards those who agree with the opinions of Malcolm X defending his views against a student hand written article and the campus of brown university to inform those about the opposing veiw Malcom showed.The source tells us about Malcolm X’s apposing views against the article it also shows Holbrooke the editor at the time to speak to the brown students and respond to the author of the collum. There are bias opinions against the article from Malcom X as he brings across his opinionsThe authors standpoint is from the perspective of the Brown Daily Herald and the information about Malcolm X’s opposing views towards a student written article. They believe that Malcolm X set opposite solution to full integration of American Negro as shown in the headline of the article. There is an idelogical perspective to the article setting veiws taking on racial opressions and targeting groups. The perspective is influenced by nationality beause of malcom X and how he set opposite solutions to full intergration of American Negro. Malcom had very strong opinions throughout the source as he brought this across to the audience.The source is reliable in it’s depiction of bringing across the speech delivered to defend his views in response to a student written article on the Nation of islam this is useful to a historian studying as it shows Malcolm X’s strong willing to stand up to his beliefs and this is shown in the headline of the source and brought across to the audience in a insistent manner. The source is biased in a way, when we look at the articles subheading it states “Black muslim leader urges complete separation of races” which shows Malcolm’s strong personality and prices of the article coming across as biased. I believe the source fairly reliable as it gives useful information on Malcoms opinions on a student written article and shows his personality throughout the civil rights movement . The source is limited because in it’s text which is difficult to read but the headlines propose reliable informationI support the source because I belieive it holds useful information regarding Malcom X and his speech and views written on a student article.The source is very useful for a historian studying the chosen topic because it gives useful information on Malcolm X and what he achieved and his opinions on many different implements which helped him strive throughout his career. The source was useful to a good extent to bring across information to the audience and the reader to show Malcolm X’s opinions on what he believed in.The source is a photograph showing Malcolm X at Brooklyn CORE demonstration at SUNY downstate.The source was originally created in the summer of 1963 and produced by an American photographer named Bob Adelman known for his images of civil rights The source was made to show Malcolm X attend Brooklyn Core’s protest of racial discrimination Malcolm X’s presence was felt among Brooklyn political activists. Firm Language is used to bring across Malcolm’s support of the political Brooklyn activists. .The audience is targeting those who attended Brooklyn’s CORE’s protest of racial discrimination, Malcolm’s presence was felt among Brooklyn political activists. The source tells us about Brooklyn’s religious and commercial landscape. It shows in 1963 Malcom and the muslims selling the Muhammad speaks newspaper attending Brooklyn Core’s protest ofracial discrimination. There were Bias opinions against racial discrimination and strong political activism.The authors standpoint is to present a photograph demonstrating Malcom X at Brooklyn CORE at sunny downstate and malcoms opinions on political activism and racial discrimination and to show the audience Malcom X’s veiws. They belive as seen in the picture, CORE’s protest of racial discrmination related to build the SUNY downstate medical centre.The author in the source is showing malcom X presenting in a demonstration showing in some ways an idelogical perspective because of the racial discrimination protest. There perspective is mainly influenced by nationality because of Malcom X and the muslims selling the Muhammad speaks newspaper, attended the protst of racial discrimination and the relation to the state funded SUNY downstate Medical centre.The source is reliable for a historian studying because it shows the events Malcolm attended and how it lead him to fame for his activism. It shows his demonstration and in it’s network of political activism and racial discrimination and as seen in the source and his opinions on them. The source was bias because of Malcolm X’s Human right activism and how he brought it across in the source with racial discrimination in the construction trades related to the sunny downstate medical centre. The source is Fairly Reliable and could show more about what Malcolm was speaking towards. The source is limited to the same fact that it could bring across more information in regard to what Malcolm was saying at the time but it does obtain good information. I support the source because I believe it show a good example of Malcolm X working for his values and showing his support to what he believed in. It shows aspects of his skills and him showing his human rights and how he was a advocate for the rights of blacks.I think the source is quite useful for a historian studying as it shows the events malcom attented to brink across the way he thought and his opinions on activism. it’s useful to an extent , showing the way that Malcom X attended demonstrations etc in what he belived and stood up for but could give more information about what exactly he was saying. The source is useful to an extend showing how Malcom X was constantly sharing his veiws on activism and racial discrimination but lacks more on what he is saying in the source to bring this across.

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