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The Seasons – the poem written by Kristijonas Donelaitis is one of the oldest and most influential Lithuanian literary works. Due to its early release, dactylic hexameter that was often used in Antiquity poetry and multilayeredness, the poem is included in the mandatory reading list for students. In addition, the Seasons explore and interpret Bible, therefore the work is a perfect subject for Bible and the Antiquity class.
Kristijonas Donelaitis was a Lutheran pastor in the so-called Lithuania Minor, a territory which was part of the Kingdom of Prussia. Even though the author was not Lithuanian strictly speaking, he wrote his works in the Lithuanian language. This is contrary to another world-class author, poet Adam Mickiewicz, who even though studied in Vilnius, and wrote these famous words: Lithuania, my country, thou art like health; how much thou shouldst be prized only he can learn who has lost thee. To-day thy beauty in all its splendour I see and describe, for I yearn for thee.” In Vilnius, there are monuments for both of these men. Adam Mickiewicz’s memory is immortalized in the square next to st. Ann’s and Bernardine churches, while K. Donelaitis’ statue is in front of Vilnius University. Even though the former, A. Mickiewicz, is more known to the world public, K. Donelaitis, from my point of view, will be more close to Lithuanians’ hearts, because he wrote in Lithuanian, despite the fact, that the language he is using is hard to understand. For this course I chose to analyze the following passage from the Spring’s Joys:

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