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The general objective of this study is to analyse how decisions are made regarding logistics activities in effective way to reduce risk factors.
The specific objective are:
1. To analyse method(s) behind transportation decisions of Chinese based Logistics Company.
2. To analyse different methods used to reduce risk factors by logistics Company.
3. To analyse the adventure associated with logistics activities of Logistics Company.
4. To analyse Pros and Cons of logistics activities of logistics company.

Research questions describes about risk consideration in developing countries like china. The Risk factors will be high comparing to developed countries but china is one of the leading country in distribution sectors and it export around 80% annually. Therefore, the topic will be forth to observe and analysis.
1. What are the different type’s supply chain risks in Chinese retail market?
2. What are the mitigation techniques to manage these risks? Moreover, which is the most sensitive risk? How to overcome it?

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