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The deregulation of trading hours shows significant positive impact on consumer welfare and the economy and thus will render the benefits the proponents of deregulation claim it will do.
South Australia is a small economy in comparison to the other states and locally owned independent retail chains are a vital part of this economy contributing positively to employment and income in the economy. The deregulation of trading hours will not cause any local businesses to rapidly lose their market share to large supermarkets because they still have the right of choice to choose when they prefer to operate their markets. Furthermore, even employees can still work on their prefer shifMoreover, the results from the polling indicate that individuals in the economy are more than satisfied with the current trading hours and do not wish for deregulation to result in the growth of large supermarket chains at the expense of smaller, locally owned businesses. This report recommends that the existing trading hours in South Australia be retained to maintain healthy competition in the South Australian economy, to ensure that small, independent businesses within the state are not put out of business, and that more money and jobs are retained within the South Australian economy.

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