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The context of the communication is formal because the doctor will be speaking to groups of people all together meaning everything that the doctor will say will be meant for everyone who is in that group as they are all going through the same situation, it will be very professional and handled out with great control on how to help everyone as this is a more of a group interaction between the doctor and the patients. This then means that the doctor should be speaking clearly so the patients can understand and raise their thoughts and opinions on what the doctor has to advise them, the patients should always be comfortable so speaking in a formal manner will give make them feel accepted and respected working in the group. Every group goes through the stages of Tuckman’s theory of group interaction.

Would I like to do group interactions?
I personally feel my only weakness when it will come to this will be not being comfortable at the start as everyone goes through an awkward stage meeting new people (or as I think in my head), but I do feel as though it will not last very long as I feel that this awkward stage will be eliminated by the second appointment. As it is a group communication appointment meaning that people will learn and find out stuff about each other. I feel as if I will be able to speak to people in my group and interact and share our problems and advise each other, with the doctor’s support, in other appointments. Being able to terminate situations and problems we are in.
Apply the article to Tuckman’s stages of group interaction
The first stage the forming stage will be all the patients and the doctor meeting for the first time and sharing about their lives and their health problems or situations, the group will all have similar health problems and situations so they should all be able to understand and relate. The second stage the storming stage will involve some disruption between the patients, this could be on some patients feeling like they are not being heard, understood and some can also feel their problems are bigger than others. Which could lead to arguments between the patients this will surely cause a lot of tension, at this point the group is struggling to become a functional group. The doctor would probably get a lot of hate as well as they feel as if he/she is not helping them. The third stage which is the norming stage will see the patients all coming together and understanding where they went wrong, at this stage patients can understand why others feel as though they have bigger problems and are not being heard ( This is because they don’t fully understand each other’s struggles yet). At the final stage the group build a strong bond at this point they have realised each other’s struggles and what they need to do in order to advise each other on what will help them cope through this journey they have together. They will work as a team and become a family who have the same journey to live in total bliss.

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The role of communication in the newspaper
The negatives of the group communications will be that the patients will probably not be comfortable about others knowing of their problems, the patients also might just want to speak about others topics that they don’t want to share in front of everyone, wanting to have a one-to-one with the doctor. Some patients may feel vulnerable in a group filled with people and having to talk. The positives out of this are people coming together and making a strong bond supporting each other, some patients might haven’t have had anyone there for them, this group interaction brings

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