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The authoritative power is vested in a Congress which is isolated into two Houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The 24 individuals from the Senate are chosen everywhere by a prevalent vote and can serve close to two sequential 6-year terms. The House is made out of 250 chosen individuals. The vast majority of these Representatives are chosen by locale for 3-year terms, however 20% of the aggregate participation is picked in extent to party portrayal. Other than the restrictive capacity to enact, a standout amongst the most vital forces of Congress is the capacity to announce war, which it can through a 66% vote in the two houses. Indeed, even the ability to administer, be that as it may, is liable to an official check. The President holds the ability to veto a bill gone by the two houses, and Congress may supersede this veto just with a 66% vote in the two houses.

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