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Terminating the counselling process
The counselling process requires a private contribution if it has gone in a positive way. It also shows the importance of the sense that reaches the end. It also shows how important it is how the first start of the counselling process is because it is the last interactions the client will have with the counsellor. if the client isn’t doing well the client might think about the past on how the efforts are a waste. If it goes well then the client will know that their time was spend good and will go towards healing and helping themselves to slowly dissolve the mental and physical marks. Termination focus on the safety highlights, counsellors will have the need to do checkups and follow up from the clients to keep an eye on their well being and health even provide a referral if required depends on the clients condition, the communication that the counsellor even has to be in contact to determine how the client is doing and that there are in good state. Terminating a session
Terminating a counselling session focuses on the last stage of when it finishes. It indicates the significance of the sensitivity to the end that assists the session and summing up the risks of no affectivity when ending appropriately. The ending of the session of how the client feels depending on the client they might feel upset or frightened or lost and traumatised. Most of the clients may experience uneasiness but on the same time they feel pleased from themselves and to have the ability to face the world on their own and how to deal with the conflicts that happen in life. Not only ending the session is important but also how every session single session that ends because it leaves the client emotional and sensitive to everyone and in the session with the counsellor. Very intense topics may be talked about and the client will feel a mixture of emotions and it will be difficult to forward the session to the end. The client may manage to find skill practice that time when it ends is inattentive for the client needs. There is one solution to avoid this occurring is that the counsellor has to resolve with the ending at the start of a session.

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