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Telecommunication and Data Communication System
Data communication is transmission of data from one location to another by using transmission media. There are five components of data communication which are,
1. Sender
2. Receiver
3. Transmission media
4. Protocol
5. Message

When considering high rise buildings, it is important to have a perfect telecommunication and data communication system in order to success their users’ regular activities.
A cable rack used to manage and interconnect telecommunication wires among itself and sub signal distribution stations and various devices was installed in the basement of building. This cable rack is called as Main Distribution Frame (MDF).
One or more vertical ducts should be installed to rise cables from the basement to the top of the building. It is important to locate those ducts centrally with respect to distribute easily in a particular floor. Dimensions of a vertical ducts should be 600mm × 225mm size because large cables are used to transmit data in high rise buildings. A 150mm × 75mm horizontal duct (aperture) is formed in order to distribute telecommunication cables in a particular floor.
The MDF should kept away from following sources in order to increase the efficiency of the unit.
1. Heat and Moisture
2. High Voltages
3. Corrosive atmospheric or environmental conditions.
4. Radio Frequency Interfaces (RFI)
5. Electromagnetic Interfaces (EMI)
In addition to that all MDFs should comply with municipality and national authority standards and regulations. Followings are some of those standards and regulations.
1. All MDF spaces should be fitted with smoke detectors and emergency lightning.

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