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Table 4.12 shows the total colour change of reconstituted dried powders of ambarella, Bintangor orange and Sarawak using drum drying and vacuum oven drying. The total colour change of reconstituted powder properties are directly influenced by the drying conditions such as drying temperature and drying time (Koc et al. 2012).

Table 4.12 Total colour change of reconstituted of drum dried and vacuum oven dried of ambarella, Bintangor orange and Sarawak pineapple powder

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Drum drying (?E) Vacuum oven drying (?E)
Ambarella 24.33±2.97a 12.53±1.41b
Bintangor orange 39.95±2.06a 28.62±1.33b
Sarawak pineapple 49.34±2.13a 28.09±2.25b

Data expressed in mean ± standard deviation based on triplicate readings (n=3). a-b Values in each row with different superscripts are significantly different at (p

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