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Short rang wireless-communication is technology which allow automobiles in intelligent transportation system to communicate with other automobiles.

There are many types of short rang wireless-communication like bluetooth,zigbee,wifi etc.

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Bluetooth is a wireless communication which is used to transmit voice and data at high speed using radio wave. Bluetooth is standard protocol of short rang wireless communication between different devices like mobile phones , computers , laptops etc.Devices need to be within 10 meters of each and transmmision speed is approximately 2Mbps. Bluetooth is wildly used in mobile phones, for example mobile phones headset allows you to make phone calls without making mobile phone to your ear. Using bluetooth you can link your mobile phone with your car’s music system.


Zigbbee is used to create a personal area network(PAN) with small and low power network ,such as home automation ,medical device data collection etc. Zigbee is simpler and less expansive then other networks like bluetooth and wifi. It is low power consumption limits tranmmision is 10 to 100 meters line to sight depend on power output and environmental charantorstick.


Wi-fi is by far most widespread technology , it is used in smart phones , computers , laptops , smart TVs etc. Wifi is now showing on cellular networks where carriers are using it to offload for data traffic like video. Wi-fi provied up to 11 MBps in 2.4 GHz ISM band.

Near-field communication(NFC):-

NFC is ultra short range technology that was designed for secure payment transections. Its maximum rang is 20cms. This short length distence greatly enhance the security of connection. Many smart phones includes NFC.

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