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Self-esteem is a personal sense of self value and it is not a thing that we are born with but can be learned through the treatment of parents and others around us. Parenting is a process of caring and training of a child to be a better separate individual in the future and it could be done by one of the 2 common methods: authoritative parenting and authoritarian parenting. The difference in the way to treat a child could result in a different outcome when it comes to a child’s attitude, behavior and self-esteem. One of the previous studies which has investigated on the effects of parenting methods on self-esteem was on Japanese university students by Hiromi Hirata and Toshimitsu (2017). Overall, 329 students’ self-esteem was measured by using the Rosenberg Self-esteem scale which consists of ten items and is evaluated on a scale of one to five which goes from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The result of the investigation was that the authoritative parenting style has positive influence on self-esteem among the participants. According to Ginsburg & Bronstein (1993), authoritarian parenting will bring up dependent females, males with anger issues, and children with unhappiness. The purpose of the current study is to investigate the relationship between parenting methods and child’s self-esteem. In the survey, twenty questions of multiple choices and agree/disagree questions were asked. It was predicted that authoritative parents tend to have children with higher self-esteem than the children of authoritarian parents.

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