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Room clearing is an inevitable part of the hospitality industry’s service operations as it is related to consumer satiation in a direct manner.
Intangible: Room cleaning is the feeling of contentment that arises in the mind of the consumers hence it cannot be touched it can be felt. The impact of the experience on the consumer being the end result makes this service Intangible by nature.
Perishability: Since the timely occurrence of room clearing is critical to the attainment of optimal results, this service does not hold store and use ability it perishes after a specific time.
Inseparability: Any service to be successful should be a fruitful interaction between customers and provider. The quality of Services is inseparable from the service provider. Room cleaning being a labor-intensive service, by nature it is simultaneously produced and consumed. Hence, this service is inseparable as well as spontaneous by nature respectively.
Variation: As the nature as well as manner of room cleaning offered by a staff is immensely different the service by nature cannot be made an identical experience. Also owing to the reason that these services are produced by numerous entities for distribution to consumers, the quality mainly depends upon the person offering these services when the similar services are offered by the same individual in varied time spans. In summation it is true that immense variability could be introduced into the actually provision of the room cleaning services in every day basis.

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