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Psoriasis is one of the chronic inflammation of skin disorder and its aetiopathogenesis probably involved T lymphocytes.
Gottesman S R, 2016 stated that CD30 expression was stated by Gottesman S R, 2016
on activated lymphocytes and a few other normal cells. TakemotoS, 2014 also set that CD30 expression in normal cells.
CD30 appears in not only TH2 cells but also Th1 cells although the TH2 expression was higher than TH2. (Fölster-Holst, R et al, 2002).
According to this study results, the positive detection of sCD30 for normal control group and psoriasis announced that there is CD30 occurrence in both groups. For that reason, there is considerable evidence that T lymphocytes play an important role in development of plaques of psoriasis. It might thought as higher levels of sCD30 in psoriasis patients than normal control suggested that regulation of psoriasis is directed by CD30 expressed cells, Th1/Th2.

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