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Present significant protective challenges of MGs are the deficiency of adequate fault current (FC), which is caused by the limitation output of the power electronic inverters 179. extremely, existing solutions based on communication-based methods. The two methods are their such as one is differential relays (DR) which have presented prevalently installed in transmission system and other is based on coordinated Park transformed (abc-dq) voltage measurement which avoids using weak current signals 180. In Shuchismita Biswas, et. al. 181 introduced the philosophy and calculation functions of these two protection schemes, and outlines their major differences on factors of accuracy, calculation complexity, and obstacles towards practical operation. The outcome will be scripted based on RTDS using the MG model developed from UKGDS-EHV1 standard network 182, and inverter-based micro-generator network and protection blocks. Finally, a new protection scheme will be proposed to illustrate the potential for improved operation 183.

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