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Perhaps there has been no other time in recent history when concerns for the achievement and protection of social justice have been so acute, while society stands futility by. Living in an atmosphere where social justice is in peril, whether it be the infringement of human rights, health care, equality, environmental safety, constitutional rights, or even the well-being of children and families, as social workers we must be the key figures that define activism for social justice and equality.
Social workers play an active role in government, policy-making, community activism, and providing services to vulnerable populations, which puts us at the forefront for advocating and rising to the call. The unique characteristic of the social work profession is the relentless examination of the unseen systematic and environmental challenges that contribute to social injustices and inequalities, with the passion to challenge flawed and unjust systems. Social work, from its beginning, has been dedicated to understanding, advocating for, and bettering the forces, that influence individuals, communities and nations.
While not all social justice advocates are social workers, a significant number of social workers are advocates for social justice. The difficulties of social work and the barriers are relentless in the field of social work. In a society where, social workers, are often misrepresented as heartless, poorly trained, and incompetent, and constantly hurdle barriers for access to needed resources, it is our responsibility to continue to provide quality care, and to compliment a reputation as compassionate professionals who work tirelessly on behalf of communities, states, children, adolescents, adults and families.

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