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On the negative side effects of BPs advertising on consumers is how the company showed lack of understanding on how technology has taken a vast on consumer lives. Reason why I state this is because consumer had posted all over their social media on boycotting BP gas stations for causing the oil spills. Although PR tried to spread advertisement on newspapers and television, to go against social media which has already taken over millions of posts already added on consumer pages with the BP logo crossed out and encouraging Greenpeace over the logo instead. Worst of all because these ads from social media are not paid, it made the negative posts continue without any resolution. This situation fell under an interpersonal communication in which a post would be past to one contact to another on social media. This interpersonal communication passed all over social media quickly like a virus. Unfortunately, BP had to spend over millions of dollars on advertising to change their reputation (BP Spent $93M on Advertising after Gulf Spill, 2010).
BP had to stop these negative social media communications by sending a mass communication in which they try to send a positive message to a large audience, by commercial ads, social media and news. The positive effect of BPs advertisement was to influence consumer to show the genuineness of their accountability to this oil spill and showing a sincere apology on commercial ads would have possibly win over the negative statements. But all this BP commercial convincing is beyond the consumer decision to want to trust this gas company again.

2. Would BP’s campaign best be described as institutional advertising or product advertising? How might it use both types to restore its public image?
I would describe BPs campaign as institutional advertising, as the company was trying to convince consumer otherwise. The BPs corporation basically just wanted consumer to consider them in a promising way. BP wanted to change the consumer attitude in trusting their gas service again, their outcome came across as advocacy advertising as BP was trying to get rid of the negative thoughts from the consumers (Lamb, 2019).
For BP to restore both institutional advertising and product advertising is by changing the mind of the consumers who doubted the gas company in still providing good service for product advertising. The company still must use product advertising to entice their consumer in letting go of the negative comments that social media had develop among the company.

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