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My research to screen vended fruits sold in Utako market for the presence of pathogenic fungi yielded array in fungal species.
Table one shows the frequency of occurrence of fungi in various fruits. Aspergillus Niger had the highest occurrence In most of the fruits which is a pure black color on the PDA culture (WA,AD,OD,OF,WF, and AF)in Apple D,E,F, Orange D,Eand F, and Watermelon A and F. Followed by Penincillium Digitatum and Penincillium Chrysogerum in isolates (PD,WA) , Then Candida Tropicals in isolate (AF,OD). Then Mucor specie in isolate (OF,OE,PE).Then pure culture in isolate (WE,PF,TD).
In Tomato F species of zygomycetes where associated with Mucor specie (yeast-like fungi).
Also there was an Aspergillus Versicollum in isolate PF, this fungi causes cancer in humans, it’s a slow growing fungi usually white at the initial stage then changing to orange then pinkish which was the final stage. Then the growth of the greenish bright was flavus.

This results were now taken to shetsco laboratory for FTIR to help us determine the compound we are interested in.
1500-1600cm wave numbers is compound Amite (NH group),the 1600cm-4000cm is protein ,carboxylic group, the one with the largest peak is the ketone, Aldehyde and OH groups respectively.
The graph of OE isolate shows that the peak from 3500cm-1500cm is a ketone and OH group present. While the compounds present are;N-(2-ETHOXYPHENYL)-N-(2-ETHYNYL)-ETHANEDIAMIDE match70.66% and Formaldehyde aqueous solution match 48.41%.
The graph of isolate OD Shows that from 3447.08cm-1701.12cm is an OH and C=O groups. While the compounds present is Formaldehyde aqueous solution of match39.15% and N-(2-ETHOXYPHENYL)-N-(2-ETHYNYL)-ETHANEDIAMIDE of match 34.95%.
Graph of WF isolate shows that the peak level from 3440.69cm-1633.48cm is an OH and C=O groups present and the compounds are N-(2-ETHOXYPHENYL)-N-(2-ETHYNYL)-ETHANEDIAMIDE of match 54.03% and formaldehyde aqueous solution of match 40.66%.
The graph of AF isolate shows that from 3276.49cm-1638.43cm is an n=o and NH groups respectively. While the compounds present are; CELLOPHANE of match 43.00% and POLYAMIDE 6+POLYAMIDE 6.6 of match 33.04%.
Then lastly graph of PD isolate shows that from 3431.42cm-2365.13cm is an carboxylic group and OH group. While the compounds present are; CELLOPHANE of match 35.10% and CELLOPHANE of match 21.07%.

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