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Moreover, this experiment proves to us that proximity is important because if that person was a mile away, the result would be different because they wouldn’t be able to hear them being in pain which means it would carry on faster without hesitation. The closer you are, you are more likely to stop because you will feel guilty.
Furthermore, The experiment wearing a laboratory coat shows that the influence of uniforms on obedience is huge as it was proved in the experiment, people are more likely to obey the person’s order because they have authority.
Milgram’s experiment supports the influences of obedience; however, I do not find Milgram’s experiment convincing because I believe it is not a fair representation. The reason being is because the people who took part in the experiment were from the same community. They were all white, middle age, middle class males therefore this made the experiment biased.
Also, the experiment took place in a university setting, and as universities are seen as serious higher education where serious research studies are carried out people may have felt under pressure therefore this may have been an influence of why the people obeyed the order.
Milgram’s experiment could relate to the public services in many ways for example when an officer gets an order from their authority they will do it no matter what because they know that the person that is giving the order is higher in the ranking structure, so they know that if they don’t follow the orders then there may be sanctions. Just like in Milgram’s experiment they obeyed rules because they believed the professor was in higher ranks as he has uniform on it made him look professional and in authority. Moreover, authority is used as a tool of persuasion, which there can be a struggle of interests or not wanting to respond to a request or an order. The power may come from a person that has authority or not. For example, if a police officer that is wearing a uniform tells you to stop and pick up the rubbish you just threw on the follow, you will have to obey because of the authority they have but if a normal person like you tells you to pick it up, you will probably not do it, as they have no authority over you. Therefore, people in Milgrams’ experiment obeyed to what he said as he told them to continue and they continued because they were under pressure. The experimenter earing a laboratory coat shows that the influence of uniforms on obedience is huge as it was proved in the experiment, people are more likely to obey their order because they have authority. If you were to be in the army, you would do no matter what they tell you to do because you are to do what they say and not question their orders.

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