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Moral Deterioration in Macbeth
When analysing Macbeths behaviour and mental state throughout the play, one can clearly see a sharp decline in Macbeths moral perception. To accurately observe these different mental states throughout the play we can examine the many soliloquy’s that are used in the play. In his first soliloquy in Act 1 scene 7 he highlights the problem of resorting to violence. He believes, that by committing a serious harmful act one is convincing others to also sympathise with violence and use it to their advantage. If this happens, those very criminals will come back to plague oneself. Macbeth also says :” Upon the sightless couriers of the air, shall blow the horrid deed in every eye that tears shall drown the wind” (1.7 23-24) In this particular phrase Macbeth is foreshadowing the murder of Duncan and even that people will feel great sorrow because of it. Here his morals are still pretty structured and sane, he even remarks that he wants to protect the king.

In Macbeths second soliloquy in

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