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Method study the systematic recording and critical examination of doing things in order to make improvement. Work study as a process of doing job analysis include selection of representative positions and jobs to be analysed. This may be necessary when there are many employees in a single job and when a number of similar jobs are to be analysed, because it would be too time-consuming to analyse every position and job. Pareto analysis should be used to prioritise the duties and responsibilities of the employees. The researcher should use a Gantt chart to schedule and estimate the time needed to perform the study. By using Observation, questionnaire, interview and literature studies as the main technique to gather facts about the job. The researcher will obtain more in-depth information about the job. When observing employees, use the Process chart, a graphical presentation of the sequence of all activities taking place in a process. All the details about the existing method and process are recorded and represented in chart. The recording of the facts about the job and operation in a process chart is done using the following standard symbol:

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