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Journal Reflection
Time management is valuable for the students to do their study with focus and also to get high marks. Time management according to Elliot (2013. pp. 1) says that it helps to develop thinking skill and prioritize task or thing that judge the amount of time needed. It also help the children to complete activities and follow on his schedule daily in life. Good time management allow you to cater more time in a short period which mean more free time to spend in our daily life, and opportunities to lower your stress, helps you focus and also lead to our career success. Furthermore in this assignment I’m going to talk more about my chosen topic which is Time management.

Last semester using my time management is very poor because I didn’t follow on what is written on my time table and I try my best to manage my time wisely but end up all in mess, late to class, late of submission assignment, (Elliot 2013, pp. 1) said that time management helps us to develop thinking skill and prioritize task or thing that we have to do instead of waste our time that needed to. Time management is a guide that manage you to control time spend in specific activities. “Time management shape the student mind into the direction of discipline and sense of duty especially in school life to become better student”, in my research I found out that using time management is guide you on your specific activities and lead

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