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It is necessary to conduct the self-assessment in order to define clearly the progress an individual has made in the course of his or her development and the identification of problems in the personal development along with goals of the further development. At any rate, while conducting my self-assessment, I focused on my current development both personal and professional, and, on the ground of this information, I will attempt to define the skills and areas in which I need consistent improvement and what I should work on.

While conducting my self-assessment, I focused on my current personal and professional development mainly and I attempt to define what I really need to improve on myself and my development to become a better person. On analyzing my current development, I arrived to the conclusion that I have reached some positive outcomes in my personal and professional development. For instance, I have always been successful in my young academic days to which I was a bit more eager to learn. My academic successes have always encouraged me to carry on my professional development into social work. At the same time, the more I learned the better I felt because I felt and still feel that my knowledge, my skills and abilities are very useful in my personal life and will help me further myself in the career path a achieve. My skills and abilities contribute to not only my personal development but they also extend my eyesight and make me spiritually rich because my knowledge and experience are my personal wealth in the long run.

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