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Kenya mainly depend on other developed nations for financial support to fund its projects. This generally shows that Kenya is still far much behind in development.

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Substandard infrastructure.

Most of Kenya’s infrastructure such as road network are of low standard compared to those of other countries like South Africa and USA. This evident also in towns where the drainage lines are very poor that in case of rainfall flooding takes place all over.

High rate of unemployment.

Today there is rampant cases of unemployment where many literates go without jobs even after long time of study. This mainly due to insufficient vacancies since the industrial growth is very low.

Poverty level in the country.

There many people living below poverty level in Kenya today. This is also an indicator that Kenya is underdeveloped in that even the government is unable to give extension support to its subjects.

Economic status of the country.

The economy of Kenya is highly unstable in that the price of commodities keeps on rising while the incomes of the citizens is very low. This is contrary to most developed countries.

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