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In order to have professionalism in the field of early childhood, is to have a positive attitude, to be kind, loving and caring to the parents and children. I have a clean and safe atmosphere. I maintain all health and safety regulations. I keep what parents share with me confidential.
At all times I present myself in a professional manner. Through out the day I smile. I make sure all of my children feel love, safe and are well taking care of. I treat all my children with respect. I greet both parents and children when they arrive and when l they return.
I will attend workshops and seminars to learn more about young children. Also by taking classes it will keep me up to date regarding new laws, regulations and policies. Whenever I go to conference, take classes or do research, I will use the information, to make educated decisions while working with children and their families.
One of the important things I believe in is being trustworthy.

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