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I think it is very important in any person’s career to begin a good relationship with his/her mentor. And having a trustworthy makes it easier to fulfil the benefits from the mentor. Mentor always helps to solve complex issues or problems by breaking them into different parts. Every mentors have different or unique style of helping their employees in any situation. Mentor helps to strengthen your confidence and provide appropriate knowledge to improve and increase professional development. To be successful in life it is very important to have a mentor or someone who is more experience than you in both professional and personal life. A mentor will always encourage you when you will stuck somewhere and need help. The difficult aspect of mentoring a relationship would be helping employee in removing their weakness. Most of the people underestimate the value of a mentor and as a result this can be the biggest loss in the business. To be a successful employee you should always have a mentor who can give guidance and support to you at any time. Mentor also guide how to work in a team and how to be a successful team member. Sometimes you do not know what qualities you have but it is the mentor who recognize all qualities in you. Mentor always says one thing that is “keep learning to keep growing”. So, as per this points I think having a mentor during the initial years of our professional employment is very essential and beneficial.

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