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Four concepts that best fit neonatal nursing are burnout, motivation, problem-solving, and stress. Burnout is the “…emotional, mental, and physical fatigue that results from repeated
exposure to challenges, leading to reduced motivation, enthusiasm, and performance.,” according
to the text. Which can be found in chapter 12 on page 520. An example of burnout is, you’re
working as a nurse for 10 years and you find you’re less motivated and doubting your work.
Motivation is a stimulus or force that can direct the way of behaving, thinking and how someone
feels, which can be found in chapter nine on page 379. An example is, you want to lose
weight so you start eating healthy and working out for 30 minutes a day. Problem-solving is, “the
variety of approaches that can be used to achieve a goal,” according to chapter seven on page
289. An example problem solving is when you’re trying to solve a puzzle, where you have you use a variety of skills to solve. Stress is “…the response to perceived threats or challenges resulting from stimuli or events that cause strain…” which can be found in chapter 12 on page 498. An example of stress is when you have three tests on Wednesday but it’s Tuesday and you haven’t studied.

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