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Human beings are skeptical to many diseases some of which are caused by the type of diet they take hence it is essential for a person to know what is good for him or her. Ketogenic diet refers to the type of diet that enables a person body to burn excess fats in the body. This process through which the body fats are converted is referred as ketosis which is essential for the health of human beings .One need first to determine his or her ideal body weight, the amount of calories he or she is supposed to take to maintain that ideal body weight and finally to establish the amount of proteins and fats that he or she is supposed to take daily. The person is supposed to take what is enough for him or her in a day, ensure the presence of vegetables in every meal taken, use the required fat quantities. Beverages are also allowed as long as they are taken in the recommended capacity the same case applying to a variety of snacks. One can also use sweeteners. Those with health issues like cancer should also follow the recommended guideline to ensure they stay healthy.

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