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Critical self-review can be done through the continuous process of self-evaluation, self-monitoring and self-reflection. Self-evaluation is the basic assessment of one’s execution, in which we can do through rounding out self-assessment forms, journalizing, taking examinations, making inquiries, and through discussions. When we evaluate ourselves, we can have a brief detail about what we know, don’t know and able to perceive our own qualities and shortcomings which eventually helps in gaining new knowledge and set the goals that we believe and can do. Self-monitoring is the continuous process of observing one’s task through the detail observations and recordings to pick up the understanding about our quality and shortcomings. Self-reflection is the conscious exploration, analysis and judgement about one’s experience which eventually helps in problem-solving and a basic reasoning ability. In Dewey’s words critical reflection is an “active, persistent and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support it, and further conclusions to which it leads” (Dewey 1933).

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