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Cleaning the house on a daily basis is a very demanding and challenging task especially when there are kids in the house. Smart Floor cleaning robot is an Arduino based device that will clean the floor and sweeps the dust away from the room, office or any other floor/surface of a building by means of a brush attached at the front to it and can clean the floor. This Smart floor cleaning robot is based on obstacle avoidance using ultrasonic sensors. The sensors will be fitted at a height so that it cannot avoids rubbish such as stone, mud etc. This robot can detect the obstacles & objects (such as wall, sofa etc) in front of it and can continue moving, avoiding the obstacles, until the whole room is clean. This floor cleaner will run on a Battery due to which it is a wireless robot floor cleaner, therefore can be taken to any place for cleaning purposes. This work can be very useful in improving life style of mankind.

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