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Classroom management procedures are strategies that teachers can implement to successful create attentive and well manage classroom environments that reinforce positive behaviors and eliminate behaviors that negatively impact learning opportunities.
How teachers manage their rooms is a vital a part of achieving a positive, comfortable and engaged learning atmosphere.

Behavior problems arise in the classroom when no rules and procesures are establish for students. Students need to be told what is expected from them in the classroom daily. Teachers should make expectatons clear and precise so students can have a good understanding of their responhilities during the school year. The skinner model explains the teachers role and how they can reach the desire outcome behavavior from their students. Skinner believed that certain consequences can shape students behavior in the classroom. According to Skinner “Constant, consistent reinforcement of the rules is required in order to make it work properly. Good behavior has to be rewarded, whereas bad behavior must either be ignored or preferably punished without delay”. The Glasser model was also about discipline but he focused on motivating students so it can reduce classroom interruptions. His model helps students make appropriate behavior choices and believe students are rational beings. Glasser (1978) firmly believes that teachers hold the key to good discipline. He concludes that both teachers and students have important roles to play in maintaining effective discipline,

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