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Beowulf shows bravery which is one of the chivalric codes by accepting to fight with Grendel to help Hrotgar and he keeps his promise. This is a good example of chivalry and knighthood. In Beowulf, the monsters can be described as figures which have a symbolic meaning. For example, Grendel may seem to be Cain, a biblical figure, who killed his own brother so Grendel may be represented the evil torturing and killing others. Beowulf sacrifices himself for people by fighting with a dragon. The dragon which is a common Christian figure of sin may represent a malignancy that proves Beowulf’s courage and goodness. Another motif in Beowulf is the Mead-Hall where is a cultural place providing food and drink, light and warmth, and revelry. This cultural place or institution represents a safe zone for warriors returning from battle and also it may be described as place of community where traditions were preserved and it affects the oral tradition because in that place, stories were told and reputations were spread.

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