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As teachers we should demonstrate numerous skills in order to communicate competently with children, ensuring that you are friendly and approachable. This would involve the use of body language and facial expression (eye contact and hand gestures), I find getting down to the child’s level as some can find it quite daunting you towering over them can help especially if the child is trying to tell you or show you something also smiling shows them positivity. We need to inspire them to feel relaxed and confident enough to ask questions or tell us their ideas It is important to keep eye contact when talking directly to children or young people and always maintain a positive tone within your voice. We must make sure we are adapting the way we talk to different age groups of children as this may mean changing the context such as vocabulary used for them to fully understand what is being said. We should also ensure that we listen as well as talking, a little bit like turn taking to allow the child to put their thoughts across. When teaching children or young children it helps when the task at hand is being repeated to ensure they understand what they need to do and to check they have an understanding with the context at hand.

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