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As anyone who has researched the profession knows, accountants are in high demand, have a high degree of job stability, and are top tier salary earners. After entering the profession, hard-working accountants enjoy good prospects for upward mobility, and many eventually go on to establish their lucrative private practices. And unlike many jobs that are at the mercy of the market, accountancy remains in demand even when the economy takes a tumble. So a career in accounting promises a comfortable and stable professional future.

Overall, jobs in accounting are highly structured and dependable, so accountants establish a regular working routine that repeats in a cyclical nature and is based upon clear financial procedures. It is possible to enter the profession in a low-level position without extensive education, and many firms offer compensation for young professionals looking to study part-time while working to advance their skills and move up the career ladder. In fact, because professional accounting courses require several years of experience before you are eligible to take the exams and become certified, new accountants are expected to combine work and study at the outset of their careers.

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