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As a HCSW, it is my responsibility and duty to promote the welfare of individuals and protect them from harm. Should an individual tell me that they have been abused or are being abused, it is important that I listen carefully to what they are telling me and do not judgements or assumptions whilst reassuring the individual that I will take what they are reporting seriously. I must be able to support the individual to communicate in a way that is appropriate for them so they can tell me the facts in a way that is be for them. It is important that I assure the individual that I have a duty to protect them from harm which will include talking to a colleague at the same time reassuring the individual that they will be involved in decisions about what will happen thereafter.
I must record what the individual has told me, using their own words, where possible. I must keep to the facts and ensure that the details are non-biased and do not contain my own personal views. I must date and sign the report and make sure that I report the allegation to the surgery’s safeguarding lead, Dr Georgina Rubery.

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