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An Internet Café or also called Cyber Café is a place where people can get access to the Internet for a cheap price. With the advent of the internet and its wide range of benefits getting more popular, internet cafes have been sprouting everywhere. Hence, it is ideal for people with low budget, students and young professionals commonly hang out in this place.

Internet is of course important to us – regular internet users. But it’s also valuable to those who cannot use it as frequently. When a student wants to do a research, and the library doesn’t provide enough information, he can search on the internet. Assume that he doesn’t own a computer, this problem is still solved easily by Internet Cafe. Additionally, it also serves as a subtitute. For instance, a man having an urgent need of using the internet finds that his computer is broken, where does he go to? Again, the Internet Cafe. It is easy to see that Internet Cafe is great, as long as it is used with good intentions

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