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Co-founders Cliff and Heather Robbins were frustrated as they saw a family member’s business struggle with website costs and communication with hosting providers while also muddling through digital marketing strategies.

Cohlab was created to respond to these needs by sitting down with clients and truly listening to them. The Cohlab team is then able to create responsive websites which reflect the client’s personality and how their customers really use the site. Cohlab also helps market companies online, utilizing their Google partnership and years of experience with online reviews, search engine marketing and optimization, content creation and more.

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Cliff and Heather are constantly pushing the team at Cohlab to innovate in website design and digital marketing techniques, leading to developments and partnerships like Trustdyx, GlassFrame, Image Seach Tool, Cohlab.Reviews and more. Cohlab’s future-focus allows small-to-medium sized businesses to compete with larger rivals.

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